An old man (82) has been arrested in the Northside of Cork city for pointing his Sky remote into strangers houses and turning on Babestation
Larry made fun of me when I quit smoking but then he had a stroke and the laughing stopped
Wife and dog kidnapped by ninjas need money for kung-fu lessons. I really want that dog back. Homeless man creative text
This restue cat’s broken jaw got fixed by some good humans turning it into a gorgeous smile cute
When you wake up from an amazing dream and try to get back to sleep for the sequel
Just got banned from B&Q someone in orange apron came up and asked if I wanted decking lucky I got the first punch in
Just told a guy talking on his phone in the library to shut up and everyone applauded me so i told them to shut up too
Dinner with grandpa tonight he made 12 burgers for all 6 grandkids I’m the only one who showed. Paw Paws grankids finally showed up, he’s happy now
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