Elon Musk quote: When I was a little kid I was scared of the dark, it just means the absence of protons in the visible wavelenght. It’s silly to be afraid of a lack of protons
Metal detector: none detected. James Hetfield at the airport
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Hi, I’m Ryan Gosling, women takes off clothes instantly
Men with hairstyles like these have 300% percent chance of colonizing mars Elon Musk
When you forget to turn on the WiFi and realise you’ve been using your data the whole time Jay-Z
Morgan Freeman at the age of 8 eight
Which show would you like to cross over with? The Kardashians so we could kill them
James May doesn’t want Ferrari he wants Dacia Sandero Drake meme
Selena Gomez taking her music for a walk trash can rubbish
Name a word that rhymes with “blunt”: Eminem confront, Chris Brown blunt, Lil Wayne nigga, Lil B bicycle