Why worry? Never let failure take control of you. Leonardo Dicaprio quote
Woman nails Drake meme
When people add you in a group chat and text for hours Jay-Z Beyonce
What are you doing? Filling the caravan with petrol. Why? So it explodes when the car hits it. Why would it? Because I’ve filled it with petrol. Clarkson Hammond Top Gear
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Like when you find Drake. Where’s Wally picture
Michael Jackson – king, Freddie Mercury – queen, Prince
Glad to see Snoop Dogg’s morning delivery on schedule giant blunts joints on a truck
When an item doesn’t match our set but its stats are just too good Zayn Malik
OMG Steve Irwin best day ever happy alligator crocodile
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Maybe if we tell people the brain is an app they will start using it Morgan Freeman