Fuck oscars I want a Nobel Leonardo DiCaprio
Hello it’s me I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar
Need a small loan of $53 million dollars Kanye West Donald Trump
Eminem – failed 9th grade 3 times, bullied at school, wife cheated on him, mother hated him, drug addict, most successful rapper of all time
Nike Kanye West on Twitter: awwww Nike shoe sales slip, Kanye is $53 million in debt trolling
16 year old Dwayne Johnson looking older than current Dwayne Johnson
Raise your hand shamelessly if you have successfully wasted two months of 2017
Congrats Amy Winehouse on being 3 years sober and drug free
If you faceswap Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift they look like a cute lesbian couple
Morgan Freeman, Morgan Slaveman skin color