I wanna start going on runs and exercising more but how do I expect myself to do that when I get exhausted from putting on a pair of socks
Do you go cycling? Me: yes. Cutting pizza with bike cutter Tour de pizza
When you wanna get in shape for the summer but life is hard. Fat cat laying on treadmill
The only exercise I’ve done this month is running out of money
Bro do you even lift? Cute puppy barbells
You’ve been visited by the good lift beagle. You will be blessed with heavy strong lifts but only if you comment good form pupper
7 championships one picture formula one trolling
Pulled muscle? That’s just a muscle that wasn’t ready
Spell your name, now work out.Every letter equals an exercise, repeat twice
He’s 104 years old, what’s your excuse? He had more time to train old running man