Emergency question: where can I keep a baby goat I impulsively bought? This is a joke, right? This is Billy
When your friend says something stupid and you have to check if they have brain
When you lock up 3 mins before closing and a customer tries to come in. Monkey gorilla middle finger
Don’t talk to me this entire car ride Roger. Don’t even look at me. Dog sitting in a car
When your drunk AF and someone is trying to have a deep conversation with you
2006: let me pick a snazzy new ringtone for when people call me. 2016: let me put my phone on silent so I don’t have to know when people call me
When the teacher catches you trying to cheat and you gotta act like you taking the hardest test of your life Drake
When your mum thought you cleaned your room but you’d just shoved everything into your wardrobe Tom Cruise laughing
That’s how I roll physics science
Raise your kid to be PC gamer and they will never have money for drugs