The GPU you like, her father, her brother, her ex, her 1st love, you
When you Google mild headache and that shit try to tell you you’ve got brain cancer crying
Just told a guy talking on his phone in the library to shut up and everyone applauded me so i told them to shut up too
So how’s parenting going? Kide puked vomited threw up on mother’s head fail
The horrifying moment you forgot about your tea and discover it turned stone cold Will Smith silly face
Your baby is cute, how old is it? She’s 34 weeks old, do you have time? Sure, it’s 972 minutes past midnight
Hold your gamepad like this and take a picture. This website is for whites only. Black pad white bad skin color trolling
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25 years of living it’s taken me this long to realise the structure of a plug bathroom
You’re not hungry, you’re just bored. Repeating in front of a mirror
Have you ever bulshitted on an essay so hard that you basically laugh after every sentence you write?