Tag a friend so they have to open their phone and look at this taco for no reason
Dog sitting on top of a cat playground toy
Tour of accounting: over here we have our random number generator, nine nine, are you sure that’s random? That’s the problem with randomness, you can never be sure. Gilbert comic
Backslash, real backslash, actual backslash for real this time, elder backslash
Plays alone: like a boss 48 kills 3 deaths, plays with friends: fail 5 kills 19 deaths
Chillin’ the art of doing nothing without getting bored
How close I am to screwing up the semester: atoms close
Interviewer: so what have you planned for the future? Me: lunch. No, like long term. Oh, dinner.
Diet tip: your pants won’t get too tight if you don’t wear any
When someone’s ringtone is the same as your alarm panic