A programmer was walking out of door for work, his wife said: while you’re out buy some milk and he never came home. Infinite loop fail
Holding hands with girlfriend: expectation on beach, reality going to IKEA store
Cashier: hello fellow white person, how are you today? So white and good. Here’s a discount
When you asked your mum to stop for food and she actually said yes happy cat
Me: should I buy it? brain: no, wallet: no, parents: no, cat: no, universe: no, me: sold
You don’t know how to buy a lady a drink, I do so dad, can I buy you a drink? OK, on ebay fail comic
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This is the type of guy you read about in math problems buying cart full of pineapples
Why did my girlfriend cross the road? To go in the same clothes shop we went in 3 hours ago