Handel with care, thanks for Chopin. Creative product box packaging
Head&shoulders unnecessairly gendered product, the men’s one is cheper, then buy the one for men shampoo
Google Play store full of products compared to Windows Phone Store poor shop
Online shopping: what we order vs what we get. Captain Jack Sparrow cosplay Johnny Depp
So my mom accidentally ordered an XS dog bed but he’s still grateful
Typical woman: dress $50 dollars = no interest, dress sale $50 dollars hurry up, let’s buy meme
Emergency question: where can I keep a baby goat I impulsively bought? This is a joke, right? This is Billy
When you lock up 3 mins before closing and a customer tries to come in. Monkey gorilla middle finger
Buying a GoPro: expectations vs reality fail
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When you’re already doing 5 things and a customer asks you for help busy cat