The most motivational poster ever 1.01, 0.99 to the power of 365 comparison
I love the way the Earth rotates. It really makes my day
For every AYY there is an equal and opposite LMAO Newton’s law
Zegar for a matematician
Cat loading the rail with the largest electrostatic charge ever, next person who touches it will be shocked and die
United States imperial system vs rest of the world Metric System: arbitrary retarded rollercoaster vs logical smooth sailing
That’s how I roll physics science
Ross, I’ve got a science question, if the homo sapiens were in fact “homo”, is that why they’re extinct? Joey, homo sapiens are people. Hey, I’m not judging Friends
Google doodle of juno mission team members vs. actual juno mission team members only white people fail
How to read faster: gif animation tutorial words per minute Spitz