Bruce Jenner winning woman of the year just proves that men are better than women at everything including being a woman
It’s true. All of it? Even the part where Greedo shot first? Get out. Han Solo Star Wars
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Haters are proof that you are doing something right Kim Jong Un #kimspirations
Due to a decrease in cookie sales girl scouts switch to more aggressive sales campaign US army
Can a robot write symphony? Turn blank canvas into a masterpiece? Can a nigger? Will Smith
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When the photographer says to simulate being engaged and forgets to add by enemy fire
Every religion says there’s a soul Bart. Why would they lie, what would they have to gain? The Simpsons
Sean Bean don’t kill me hashtag
Does he look like a bitch guess who game Samuel L. Jackson Pulp Fiction
Pole: Let’s all live in Germany. German: you had your chance