You wake up Superman what is the first thing you do? Go back to sleep and hopefully wake up to be Batman
If at anytime in 2015 I annoy you, pissed you off or offended you suck it up fruitcake because 2016 won’t be any different
My friend told me to stop singing Wonder Wall, I said maybe Oasis
How to do nothing with nobody all alone by yourself book
You must be truly desperate to come to me for help. Second page of Google search results
When my girlfriend tells me that she can’t handle the burger: I’ll finish what you started Kylo Ren Star Wars
I’ve trained jedi, I’ve trained Batman and people still try to mess with me? Liam Neeson
What do you do for a living? I hunt and kill aliens aren’t real. Have you ever seen one? No. You’re welcome
My first code: hello Priya. Output: I have a boyfriend
Neymar: wish I had the right foot of Ronaldo and left foot of Messi and here comes the result legs different lenght