Replace semicolon with greek question mark in your friend’s JavaScript and watch them pull their hair out over the syntax error. Evil trolling
The robots are killing us but why we never programmed them to do this. If crazymurderingrobot = true then kill(humans). Programming code
Eyes comparison: cocaine, marijuana, beer, JavaScript
Are you nervous to see me on your flight? Worry not the software I wrote for this plane is bug free, Boeing software engineer sign
My code doesn’t work, let’s change nothing and run it again
Your program is telling me to get a pet snake to run it, I don’t want one. Read the message please, “Python required to run the script”
Time to learn to code, working hard to get hello world meme
How to do coding? Write some code in the editor, try executing it, you messed it all up, your code is exactly like your life fail
Design vs user experience paths creative comparison
Me: I’m good in C language. Interviewer: write hello world using C. Me: ascii