Fidel Castro spent whole life fighting capitalism, dies on Black Friday
This bird looks like Donald Trump. Compare Trump to an animal it’s funny, compare Obama to one and you are racist. CNN sucks
When the Council of Elders cuts off your supply of children to sacrifice to Moloch and your human suit starts decomposing. Hillary Clinton
When you start to look like your boss Hillary Clinton George Soros
Obama: why’d you text me to come over? Joe: I got two guns under the table, on 3 we shoot the republicans. You’re in or you’re out. Joe Biden Barack Obama
Obama and Trump both look like two kids whose mothers forced them to apologize to each other
Why did Hillary Clinton lose? Because she didn’t get enough votes, that’s what I reckon Jeremy Clarkson
I don’t know who looks more uncomfortable in this picture Obama Trump Washington
Donald Trump googling “what does the president do”
When you lie on your resume and actually get the job Donald Trump