When you have to go to a fast food place because one of your friends is too broke for a real restaurant Kanye West
*Trump becomes president* NASA: shit. A few weeks later: “we’ve found 7 planets, 3 we can live on, and there’s enough room for everyone”
Middle east problem solved – ground zero ocean
Fun facts about Germany: no fun in Germany, go back to work. Creavive mug cup
How to code with no bugs – North Korea Kim Jong Un watching
Why is the moon flipped upside down? New Zeland England
Entrance to parkour gym in Malmo, Sweden: door above the ground
The best schools and the happiest kids: infographic. Test scores, happiness levels
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Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike doppelganger in Russia forces fat
Chinese artist vacuumed air in Beijing for 100 days and made a brick from it. This is the brick