Do you have criminal record? No? Do I still need one? To get into Australia… This isn’t 1788 Queen Elizbeth
Library – because not everything on the internet is true
Dubai compared to Minsk years 1991 2017 2117 4129
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When you sleep at a friends house and you wake up before them like WTF do I do now
Single wolf wandering Johannesburg at night
Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa, travel safely. Street sign
There is nothing worse in the world than moment when your favorite hijab shop is out of stock London terrorist attacks
What people think the UK is like vs what it’s actually like: “I stuck 9 creme eggs up my bum easter” World Record
Go to Disneyland they said, it’ll be fun they said woman panicked fail
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I love Google Street View this is a modern renaissance painting street fight