Ross, I’ve got a science question, if the homo sapiens were in fact “homo”, is that why they’re extinct? Joey, homo sapiens are people. Hey, I’m not judging Friends
Bart Ernie Sesame Street Pulp Fiction
The Simpsons predicted Pokemon GO
I heard that you like Lyanna Mormont, it would be a shame if something happened to her… Are you threateing me? No, no I was kidding, I’m sorry. George RR Martin Game of Thrones
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Why do my legs hurt? Because you’ve never used them before. Neo Morpheus Matrix
Happy birthday Game of Thrones meme
Stay out of my territory Walter White playing Pokemon GO Breaking Bad
Titanic low cost cosplay: iron, doll
Why do my legs hurt? You’ve never used them before Matrix Neo Pokemon GO
The silence of CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo moth movie poster silence of the lambs Euro finals
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