Doing your taxes on April Fools day seems like a perfectly legitimate way to defraud the government
Livin la vida broka
Owner of the restaurant told him to get out cause he don’t have money bum pulled hundreds and shoved one in his hat
Upvote money cat and you will get rich within the three next days
Need a small loan of $53 million dollars Kanye West Donald Trump
Whenever I pay for something with exact change I always say “I think that’s right”
Beggar gypsy woman visiting Felix Baumgartner in space
$15 dollars lawn care, you are reading this off a plate, I need some work man
When you have to go to a fast food place because one of your friends is too broke for a real restaurant Kanye West
New coin featuring a black woman as lady liberty. I can’t wait to start using black people as currency again