Phones face down stacked on the table first person to check their phone pays the bill. Awesome idea
Singapoor year 2000, Now Singarich. Singapore
One of this can feed family black man vs spoon
This is why the dog is happier, not thinking about money, house, cars
What’s the salary for now? $500, but later it can go up to $1000. OK, I’ll come later then
Great Britain as a street beggar. Spare change, no pounds please funny drawing
Men in suits look really successful until you find out they work for men in t-shirts and jeans
British pounds losing value 9 GBP, 18 GBP bills
Pick your perfect woman, you have $5 dollars: smart, good body, fat, retarded, great love
SpaceX $12 billion valuation – launches rockets into space and lands them safely, Snapchat $20 billion valuation – rainbow filter