It’s windy today, no it’s Thursday, so am I let’s have a beer. Old deaf men
Tag a mate with this beard single hair
When you see girls like this on instagram remember who owns the boat fat old rich men
I’ve never had a red hair on my head so why does my beard decide it’s red
You will reach your destination at 10:26. What men understand: beat the time of 10:26
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How relationships work: she does something stupid, he gets mad, she gets mad, he apologises graph
Newtons third law of emotion: for every male action there is a female overreaction
Three urinals golden rule: correct only in emergency, never next to each other when other urinal is free
Her: I really love Coldplay and Taylor Swift. Him *trying to think of something to impress her*: I’m basic and have no music taste too
She kissed the tip then she said April Fools girlfriend fail