There are two types of guys: it’s kind of cold, well here take my jacket, I love you. I’m cold too, well damn Jackie I can’t control the weather
Men watching Civil War happy when Spiderman appears
I didn’t believe it when they said we already had 8 inches of snow hat to check for myself
End of relationship 2016 version: men vs women. New movies for men: Deadpool, Civil war, Batman Superman
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Women have always been the primary victims of war. Hilary Clinton they lose husbands fathers sons
Bruce Jenner winning woman of the year just proves that men are better than women at everything including being a woman
When the photographer says to simulate being engaged and forgets to add by enemy fire
Girls first day of snow love guys first day of snow drifting
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Go to war zone leave women and children in safe country. Go to safe country leave women and children in war zone
Example of a poor defenseless malnutritioned refugee pouring into Europe huge man