2016 vs 2090 honey I found a pic of your grandmother comparison fail
You attract into your life a reflection of what you think but you also attract what you judge. See abundance, see honesty in all, embrace good
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Across all countries cultures and class we share one thing: this drawer with random stuff mess
Having friends and a normal life, memes, living in a state of depression for your entire life brain meme
Rougly half of the people wipe standing and the other half wipe sitting down and most people don’t realize other group exists. How do you wipe? toilet paper
Love, fear, spiritual realm, mental realm, physical realm explained infographic graph
When grandpa tries to show you his adult collection but you pull out iPhone and introduce him to 600gb of Pokemon adult content. The future is now old man
Find someone just as lazy as you and spend the rest of your life with them. Grandpa on a skateboard towed by grandma
A group of hipsters eating their lunch taking photos instead of eating
Money doesn’t matter – rich people. Looks don’t matter – attractive people