Before feminism happy smiling pig after feminism comparison fail
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Europe in a nutshell: muslims having many babies vs I’m still working on my Phd, I’m not ready to have children yet
If you remember this game you probably have some responsibilities right now duck shot
I’m not ISIS I’m a hipster. Giles is battered in anti-jihadi attacks
This is John has 3 school work to deliver 2 tests and dishes to wash. John decided to sleep
Fitness tip: never stop pushing yourself! 8 hours of sleep is enough? why stop there? why not 9? why not 10? strive for greatness! burn your ex’s house down I believe in you
When he’s ugly but he’s in a band so you give him a chance skeleton
You get job so you can afford to have a life then spend all your time at work and end up with no time to live the life you’re working for
Boys never actually grow up their toys just get bigger and more expensive
When you are an atheist and you spend 10 seconds without talking about God