There are two kinds of people: those who use bookmarks and monsters
Three urinals golden rule: correct only in emergency, never next to each other when other urinal is free
My nephew is turning 4 today but since money is tight we just not gonna tell him
When your dog smiles for family photos happy pug
He’s looking for his keys in the car while they’re in the lock keyhole outside
I’ve waited my whole life for this moment chicken crossing road
If i’m not texting you back it’s because im doing this: playing basketball shot game
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When you get your tax return and start spending your money on stupid shit dog bought a painting of himself
When you just got comfortable and you hear someone calling your name asking you to do something tired dog meme
He couldn’t sleep for 2 days because he missed her. I couldn’t sleep for 4 days because I missed a stupid semicolon in my code