Doctor: now I have to inform you there’s only a 50% percent chance of surviving this procedure. Kid: let’s do it twice then
We don’t eat gluten, dairy, meat, soy, eggs or nuts, what do you recommend we get? The fck out waiter answers
Hello, is it possible to use my fidget spinner here? Sir, it’s 2017, you can be gay anywhere bartender
Radical islam ignore him maybe he’ll go away, ignore who? Leftists media, the allah-fant in the room elephant
Festival outfits anti bomb suit 2010 2014 2017 comparison
13 reasons why, Mass Effect Andromeda, 14 reasons why Netflix
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You say “all guys are the same”. Who the hell told you to try them all?
0 days since last muslim terrorist attack
Messi celebrated like he won La Liga celebrated like he won UCL UEFA Champions League reality Cristiano Ronaldo
Women can argue for 3 straight hours but 2 minutes into a BJ and her jaws hurts confused man meme