Shoes price 100 dollars sale higher price huge interest fail
Some people prefer playing video games other prefer staring at marked slicks of trees and hallucinate vividly for hours on end
My wallet is like an onion when i open it it makes me cry
6 stages of taking an unprepared exam: denial, frustration, cheating, desperation, depression, regret Mr Bean
That moment when you start the computer and your fingers automaticly reach W A S D keys
Dude stayed 40 minutes after the test: I’m just absorbing the reality that ill have to live withmy parents for the rest of my life
Time spent wrapping presents graph: looking for the tape, scissors, moving the cat
What if cats sit into boxes in honor of the Schrodinger’s cat?
My study graph: stressing about study, planning to study, telling people I need to study, forgetting to study, avoiding study
Where are my glasses? Everything blurred meme comic
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