The natural finger position of others in the office vs my natural finger position gaming
Everyone has that one friend the one who is super lazy but smart as hell
When you both gained a few pounds but the love is strong
The female wolf appears to hide under the male when there is an animal attack she is actually covering the males throat from their assailant while pretending to be scared
When she hits you with a “k” out of nowhere and you begin the scientific method to find out what you did wrong
Clock still sleepy every hour
Koalas spend 99% percent of their life eating and sleeping and 1% percent searching for a mate. If they don’t find one they go back to sleep
Me on Monday I want to marry my bed Adventure Time
When your friend is on the other team: if anybody’s gonna take that guy down it’s gonna be me Family Guy
When your girlfriend is mad at you vs when you are mad at her Powerpuff Girls