Would you like to go through tutorial before starting the game no how do I play this game?
When you wake up from a quick six hour power nap not knowing why you exist silly dog
Bath time! Get off, I’m busy. Why my dicc small? kid googling
One less year alive. Birthday cake quote gift
When you pull them pants down and realize that booty extraterrestrial
You idiot, you can’t threaten me with that. This is a gun free zone
Oh you’re not home at 1 PM we’ll try again tomorrow at 1 PM typical UPS courier
Before Christmas dinner, after Christmas dinner Formula 1 tires got fat
I gave you $10 dollars he gave you $20 dollars you didn’t realise he has 200 dollars while all I had was $10 dollars
Father: you don’t have a house, a car, or a job. What can you offer my daughter? Me: bags of memes