Don’t get me anything for Christmas, you’re all I need. It’s a trap
Driving an ambulance without a patient like rally car, with a patient slowly
Your framerate won’t drop if you play on lowest settings. Protip lifehack huge pixels
Sir, do you know why I’ve pulled you over? Because I let you Bugatti Veyron
You can’t get rejected if you don’t tell the person you like them. Protip lifehack
Star Wars the girl you like, her father, brother, grandfather, ex, you Jar-Jar Binks
I spent 30 minutes talking to them until the barman told me they were umbrellas women in burka
Not sure if bank account was robbed or Steam sale
Five cats died taking a bullet from you, cats are great bodyguards red dot laser pointer sniper
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When you’re too drunk but she’s in the mood small elephant