Everytime they talk about men and women in love they assume that. This is the truth: only women think about love men just love, they don’t think
Why send one big text when you can send 10 little ones in a row and be even more annoying
When you watch your barber slowly ruins your hair, but you quietly accept your fate and calmly plan how you’re going to move to China and change your identity. Pepe the frog
I’ll never eat again, I’m so fat. typical girl fail
And then he went into the kitchen, slowly opened the refrigerator and it was empty! scary story Family Guy
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Appreciate man’s effort sometimes you just didn’t know what they had to go through just to keep you happy
We all know the chair clothes
Can’t win the argument because the reasons why I’m right are too complex for my opponent to understand
Nutella and I hi I have a problem
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Too bored to sleep to sleepy to human