And I  was all like pew pew pew. Merica’ cop policeman
People are fake: how can you love your newborn baby when you met it 2 minutes ago and know nothing about it?
I hope they don’t notice I sold the entire living room for this new TV
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Are you coming to bed? I can’t this is important someone is wrong about immigrants
At age success is not peeing pants having friends money driver’s license
When the class laughs at your answer but teacher says you was right
The two places where I found the solution to a lot of problems with scripts or applications toilet bed
No I’m not joking I am a catholic I can’t sell you condoms please try register 8 she is muslim so take your ham to register 9 clerk
When even animated vulcanoes have a love life and you don’t
When reading my 2 years old facebook posts time machine slap
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