When she is telling stupid stories but she is your last hope of getting laid. Sylvester Stallone shooting lauging emoticons
If you can not afford a lawyer one will be appointed to you if you cannot afford a doctor lol tough shit bro USA United States of America
Eminem father walked out, drug addicted mother, dropped out of school, best friend killed, then he became the worlds most successful rapper
When you leave your baby with father playing poker drinking Jim Beam
Bear attack tip: if attacked play dead, it will be good practice for when you die a couple minutes later
10 years ago now mail e-mail
When you wanted the window seat but Pope Francis called dibs. Already got it first unhappy angry girl
Muslim suicide hotline, how may I help you sir? I’m feeling suicidal. Great, can you fly a plane?
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Doctor: any drugs or alcohol? Guy: no but I use Linux. Doctor: wow ok, so no sexual activity either
Playing multiplayer on one screen creative split screen using cardboard