I love my dad on a car with a screwdriver daughter kid
If we can’t do a problem put a smile face hold smile be placed into special ed next week
So you’re a single mother of one? Yes I am. Want to become a single mother of two? No
Girls be like it’s OK I have Zumba tomorrow eating cake
Scholes could find my dad with a pass and I haven’t seen him since I was 5
How siblings play together brother and sister, sister and sister, brother and brother
I think I’ll name her Sarah sorry that name is already taken you can still have sarah343 or sarah_12
After historic fight Pacquiao volunteered at Las Vegas orphanage while Mayweather spent 1,2 million on champagne
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I was very dumb when I was 14 no twitter no facebook so I was dumb in private Will Smith Jaden Smith
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That childhood moment after you pressed a random doorbell running away