I’m here to love my children and blow shit up and I’m all out of children. Cersei Game of Thrones
Pick it up, you touched it last. Nigel Farage baby on the ground Brexit photoshopped
Come play with us Danny creative use of snapchat emoticons two small girls
Kids in the north and then there’s my son Cersei Lannister Game of Thrones
A lemonade stand, I said: “that’s cute if you want to grow up to be capitalist swine” Bernie Sanders
Kid handshake with Putin pulled by bodyguards
The Walking Dead spoiler Judith in season 7 kid with a gun
Parents: I want the truth, Me: *tells the truth*, Parents: no you’re lying, wrong answer. You actually were telling the truth. I do that quite a lot yet people are always suprised
FBI unlocking iPhone kid play with this phone but do not unlock it, an hour later: bingo!
Hey kid are you a Mexico? Not at all, Trump for president! Keep it up my man! Dios Mio, that was close