When your friends start roasting you but you’re awful at comebacks so you just let it happen on fire
Wanna hear a Nirvana joke? Nevermind
George Washington meninist you got kik
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Why was five afraid of seven because six seven eight Yoda Luke
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I saw a black man carrying a TV, I rushed home to see it if was mine. Nope, mine was still there polishing my shoes
My sense of humor why I’m going to hell things that should not be joked about
Eminem always looks like he told a joke but nobody heard it and then someone repeated it louder and everyone laughed
What kind of train eats too much? Chew chew train
Who ever said white people can’t jump clearly hasn’t seen footage from 9/11 WTC attacks dinosaur standup awkward
Pokemon GO Egg hack: put your phone in the microwave to simulate walking: 10k = 30 mins, 5 k = 15 mins, 2 k = 7 mins trolling joke