What’s the difference between a piano, a tuna and a pot of glue? You can tuna piano but you can’t piano a tuna. What does glue have to do with this? I knew you’d get stuck there
A muslim walks into a gay bar and says “shots for everyone” Orlando shootings
I was gonna make a chemistry joke but Na
Doctor: you’re gonna be a vegetable for the rest of your life, patient: I’m a vegan so that’s amazing
When you don’t get the joke
Frank I seriously doubt you can make me laugh this time. *Boop* huehuehue aeroplanes laughing funny planes
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Things I make jokes about graph: serious matters that should never be joked about and are part of the reason I’m going to hell
When you’re getting roasted but you’re ready to unleash a devastating burn Obama
What do you call singing computer? A Dell Coral meme
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What’s Forrest Gump’s password 1forrest1