Pencil with seed in it – when it’s too short you can plant it Sprout
Holiday to do’s: be present, wrap someone in a hug, send peace, donate food, make love, be the light
Keanu Reeves inspiring quote: see these people behind me? Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed so live today
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I don’t love studying, I hate studying. I like learning, learning is beautiful. Natalie Portman
Chinese artist vacuumed air in Beijing for 100 days and made a brick from it. This is the brick
Developing a growth mindset: instead of this, try thinking this – table
Real life Mariokart battles with RC cars sporting knives and balloons
Every mother gave birth to a child except my mother she gave birth to a legend, high five mom
Coffee shop in Greece opens their dors every night to dogs so that they wont freeze to death outside
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CEO two words: right decisions, one word: experience, two words: wrong decisions