In ten years we will laugh about that
How to read faster: gif animation tutorial words per minute Spitz
Ceiling fan painted helicopter creative idea
People with messy handwritting have brain working faster than their hands Einstein quote
I won’t miss boxing, boxing will miss me. Muhammad Ali quote
Elon Musk quote: When I was a little kid I was scared of the dark, it just means the absence of protons in the visible wavelenght. It’s silly to be afraid of a lack of protons
Japanese say you have three faces: first face you show to the world, second face you show to your close friends and family, third face you never show anyone. It is the truest reflection of who you are
7500 feet above New York City creative night foto taken from a plane
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You attract into your life a reflection of what you think but you also attract what you judge. See abundance, see honesty in all, embrace good
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Your perception of me is a reflection of you my reaction to you is an awarness of me inspirinq quote