This dad designed shoes to give his paralysed daughter the sensation of walking
The girl you like, her father, her brother, her ex, her first love – all black, you blind
When you’re stalking and you nearly like a 45 week old photo heart attack
Kanye West Bohemian RAPsody. AIDS is now officially the second worst thing that has happened to Freddie Mercury
Jeremy Clarkson What is your favourite Peugeot? That’s like asking me to name my favourite eye infection
Doctor I’ve got a problem every morning at 8 sharp I poop. How is this a problem? I wake up at 9
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When the brain and heart fight the liver always suffers
Larry made fun of me when I quit smoking but then he had a stroke and the laughing stopped
This restue cat’s broken jaw got fixed by some good humans turning it into a gorgeous smile cute
What body type are you: ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph, necromorph, xenomorph