Dude you are not going to believe where I just caugh a wild Squirtle gynecologist Pokemon GO
Doc: are you sexually active? Me: I play Pokemon GO. Doc: a simple “no” would have been fine
My joints are stiff, it’s because youre rolling them too tight old couple
When you’ve already coughed 3 times in class and you’re trying not to cough again pigeon
Fuck the colorblind graphic for trolling colorblind people
Khaleesi commands him to find the cure, he invents T-virus instead Sir Jorah Game of Thrones
Doctor: you’re gonna be a vegetable for the rest of your life, patient: I’m a vegan so that’s amazing
Americans killed by ISIS: 3, Americans killed by ebola: 2, Americans killed by The Police: 0 Sting
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When you decide to start making healthier choices. Vegetables pot smoking Trailer Park Boys
My pick. Fat dietitian recommends chocolate bars