Video game trailers, actual gameplay comparison fail
Doesn’t want to follow the trail to a new location because it will take too long. Spends 20 minutes trying to climb over mountains because it’s quicker
Glorious Mac gaming master race: single monitor, mods, medium settings, no lag because it’s a Mac it can’t lag
FIFA 17 Leo Messi prisoner 2017
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When your computer gives you a side quest: An error occurred the wizard must be stopped
What if when you can’t sleep in real life it’s because there’s enemies nearby conspiracy Keanu Fallout
Glorious PC master race
When you reach max level you stop leveling Sean Connery in 1989 2009 comparison
Gaming on Mac, am I doing it right? Using Mac as mousepad
Dark Souls challenge: for every “you died” 10 push ups, Day 2 you’re ripped