Poker is not a popular game among Chameleons. Looking like his top card silly drawing
You can do it delete League of Legends Shia Labeouf
Mario is probably homeless wearing same clothes runs around in sewers beats up people for their money spends it on mushrooms
Microsoft uses dog noses for thumbsticks on the gamecube controller Sony Playstation
Half-life 3 box only in virtual reality
Jenga with extra tasks: bodyshot, kiss, twerk, lapdance, take off shirt, lick neck, chug beer
I have a job so I’m able to buy video games can’t play video games because I have a job
Defusing without hands since 1999 he’s telling the bomb to calm down
Steam on fire not working out of service. This is fine meme sitting in a fire
Maybe he doesn’t love me anymore? Maybe I had to ban ryze in that game?