Breaking news: with the new face ID feature Arya Stark can now unlock every iPhone in the Westeros Game of Thrones
iPhone X facial recognition uncrackable? I got this Arya Stark Game of Thrones
Whom are you texting? Just my aunt. Oh, okay. Jon Snow Game of Thrones
And the Night King killed them all, the end. George RR Martin Game of Thrones
Rhaegars marriage to Elia was annulled. #Shook, who’s the three eyed raven now bitch? Game of Thrones
The king of North Kim Jong Un with nukes Night King Game of Thrones
Dragons breath after KFC with tabasco vs Halls with mineral water
I’m Peter Baelish chaos is a ladder, omg Arya take it off that’s not a toy. Game of Thrones car meme