2017 can be great, this year we’ll finally see her naked in Game of Thrones Sansa Stark
Don’t climb, climbs anyway, loses the use of his legs. Don’t get into a vision alone, gets into it alone anyway, loses Summer and Hodor. Game of Thrones
Dressed my baby as Jon Snow for Halloween and used my aunts dog as ghost
A student fell asleep in her chair so this happened photoshopped
Game of Thrones Littlefinger Drake meme Sansa
Brace yourself nuclear winter is coming Game of Thrones
Al Bundy sitting on a throne Game of Thrones
Made an it throne at work today, Windows is coming Game of Thrones
A man is smart a man knows you are reading this in his voice. Game of thrones
A man does not study for exams on time, a man procrastinates until the last minute. Game of Thrones