Bill Hillary Clinton: do you think that one or even both of us might be president some day? Yeah right, when Bob Dylan wins the Nobel Prize for literature
The future is happening now Apple multiple adapters headphones jack
This year is 2043: dad we just started learning about 2016 presidential election. Me:
The robots are killing us but why we never programmed them to do this. If crazymurderingrobot = true then kill(humans). Programming code
In ten years we will laugh about that
2006: I bet in 10 years we’ll cure cancer, inhabit the moon, have world peace. 2016: Don’t Pokemon and drive
Interviewer: so what have you planned for the future? Me: lunch. No, like long term. Oh, dinner.
So where will you be in 10 years time? Me: sleeping with dogs
What we think a zombie apocalypse will be like, what it’ll acually be like. The Walking Dead, Shaun of the Dead
The 2015 starter pack Back to the Future clothes gadgets