Interviewer: so what have you planned for the future? Me: lunch. No, like long term. Oh, dinner.
So where will you be in 10 years time? Me: sleeping with dogs
What we think a zombie apocalypse will be like, what it’ll acually be like. The Walking Dead, Shaun of the Dead
The 2015 starter pack Back to the Future clothes gadgets
Battlefield 2030 European race wars
Can you imagine how luxorious planes in 50 years will be? Fat man sleeping on the next seat
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Kid reaching for the stars: I want to be Michael Jordan when I grow up, to achieve it I need to: 1. get bigger, 2. shave my head, 3. be black
The Walking Dead spoiler Judith in season 7 kid with a gun
I found no wardrobe to Narnia at age 8, no letter came from Hogwarts when i was 11, I made it to 19 without being raped, Gandalf better be at my door when I’m 50