Dubai compared to Minsk years 1991 2017 2117 4129
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Kid reaching for the stars: I want to be Michael Jordan when I grow up, to achieve it I need to: 1. get bigger, 2. shave my head, 3. be black
I found no wardrobe to Narnia at age 8, no letter came from Hogwarts when i was 11, I made it to 19 without being raped, Gandalf better be at my door when I’m 50
1980: I bet there will be flying cars in the future. 2017: red foot
When the whole squad ends up in the same nursing home party
Biff for president, Trump for president. Back to the Future predicted Trump for President
Newsweek magazine Hillary Clinton madam president early even before elections
The end is near TIME cover Donald Trump Hillary Clinton holding a quote
Bill Hillary Clinton: do you think that one or even both of us might be president some day? Yeah right, when Bob Dylan wins the Nobel Prize for literature
The future is happening now Apple multiple adapters headphones jack