When you freak out about losing your glasses and your friends tell you to just look for them. With what eyes?
There are 3 kinds of friends: 1. acquaintances, 2. friends, 3. those whose house you can poop at and grab yourself a drink without asking
Erdogan friendship ended with Obama now Putin is my best friend
This is Thor, an Avenger, isn’t part of the Civil War, isn’t part of his friends drama. Be like Thor
The friend who gives unsolicited relationship advice even though she’s been single for 7 years starter pack
Phones face down stacked on the table first person to check their phone pays the bill. Awesome idea
When your joke is fire and you gotta wait for the squad to settle
When your friend says something stupid and you have to check if they have brain
Older siblings creating trust issues since forever
When you get the AUX and somebody says: Aye, what song is this?