When you go into deep conversation with someone who understands. Walking into space black hole
Saw my ex riding his bike while I was riding passenger and told my friend to run him over and she didn’t. Tired of all these fake friends
When your friends are drunk and you have to look after them because they keep doing stupid things
Me: I’m gonna give that the person I like some space today. Also me: list of things with Patrick
When you freak out about losing your glasses and your friends tell you to just look for them. With what eyes?
There are 3 kinds of friends: 1. acquaintances, 2. friends, 3. those whose house you can poop at and grab yourself a drink without asking
When you wake up in the morning to see that your friends tagged you in memes
Saying bye to your friend hands heart vs saying bye to your best friend middle finger
Coffee and poo best friends forever holding hands
We all have that one mate that you can’t put on loudspeaker because you don’t know what they’ll come out with