My sister finished her first day of diet today so I celebrated by filling the fridge with her favourite snacks
DoI have to unbury Hitler so he can show you how a fcking oven works? Gordon Ramsay
A group of hipsters eating their lunch taking photos instead of eating
When you’ve named every restaurant in a 40 mile radius and she still doesn’t know what she wants to eat ripped hand arm
Hillary Clinton holding donuts with Chloe Moretz large hole small hole
Ferrero Rocher black men wrapped in thermal blanket
Doctor: you’re gonna be a vegetable for the rest of your life, patient: I’m a vegan so that’s amazing
Black man: this is traditional food in my country, but Abdul the plate is empty, I know
May 2011 green grass, May 2016 rocks. Will someone finally stop vegans?
Eggs are fantastic for a fitness diet. Don’t like the taste? Add cocoa butter flour and bake for 30 minutes cake