I am so glad I don’t have to actually hunt, I have no clue where gluten free tacos live. bearded man
When you get in a fight with parents and then get hungry so you mentally prepare for appearance in the kitchen
But Gloria, you know I’m straight. So is spaghetti until it gets wet women talking
Grant ordered too many fries Sale
When you run out of hot sauce so you’ve gotta take drastic measures lion eating sun
When you have to go to a fast food place because one of your friends is too broke for a real restaurant Kanye West
Dark humor is like food – some people don’t get it fish meme
Roast me Piggy roasted pig literally
I can’t wait for the day after Valentine’s day because chocolate will be 50% percent off and that’s the kind of positivity I need
Dog: Still hungry, want more breakfast. You’ll get fat, what’s fat? It happens when you eat too much food. Fat sounds awesome, let’s get fat!