Mom: am I a bad mother Katie. Kid: my name is Emily
Why my cousin diamond is named like that? Because aunty loves diamonds. What about me? Enough questions Age of Empires Collector’s Edition
I love you mommy, I have a boyfriend son kid
Weirdest family photos
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Her: I really dig guys who are like my dad, Me: *orders 10 beers then ignores her, Her: [calls mom]: I think he’s the one
When you tell your parents a funny story and it turns into a life lesson kid
Mom I want to be a dinosaur. Because they are scary? Because they are dead kid
Mom I wish I was like that plane. Because it can fly? Because it’s hanging from the ceiling kid
Star Wars I never knew my real dad Anakin, Luke, Rey, stormtroopers
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The girl you like, her father, her brother, her ex, her first love, you. Cersei Game of Thrones