When you’re about to pay at the grocery store but your mom tells you to run and grab something she forgot Spongebob
My sister finished her first day of diet today so I celebrated by filling the fridge with her favourite snacks
It’s clear to me who was the most photogenic in this picture dog family picture
2016 vs 2090 honey I found a pic of your grandmother comparison fail
If your mom doesn’t have a flip case on her phone and scrolls with her index finger is she even your mom?
When grandpa tries to show you his adult collection but you pull out iPhone and introduce him to 600gb of Pokemon adult content. The future is now old man
Hey dad, can you pass the salt? I don’t know, can you pass the semester?
What feminists think the gender war is: hero woman vs bad businessman vs what it really is: fat woman vs family
When you lose your mom in the market sad cat
Got a tattoo of my dad on my arm fail invisible father missing